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 1 - StockXchng Browse Website open in new window
Collection of free stock images, collected and uploaded by the users.


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More than 2100 free digital photographs for DTP web and design use.


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 3 - Morguefile Browse Website open in new window
Contains high-resolution stock photography images free for either corporate or private use. The purpose of this site is to provide artist, illustrators, designers and educators raw reference material.


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A collection of popular and frequently requested imagery from NASA's data archive.


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 5 - Bigfoto.com Browse Website open in new window
Photos 1200x800 free download for personal use, with the name of the homepage free download for commercial use.


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 6 - Image After Browse Website open in new window
Free high-resolution images and textures database.


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 7 - Pics4Learning Browse Website open in new window
Includes both photographs and clip art, organized into topics, free to use in an educational setting.


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Free clipart images of foods, animals, flowers, and sea creatures.


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 9 - AtPictures.com Browse Website open in new window
Collection of original and fan art. Pictures include anime, bands and celebrities.


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Featuring images of nature, landscape, wildlife, outdoor recreation, and cityscapes for commercial or personal use. Also, links to public domain government photographs.


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