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VIEW Conference 2012 - 13th International Computer Graphics Conference The Creative Power of Technology October 16 - 19 2012 (Turin, Italy)


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Conducts research in the development of human-centered, powerful, and interactive 3D graphics tools for modeling, scientific visualization, telecollaboration, and interactive illustrations.


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EVL is a graduate research laboratory specializing in virtual reality and real-time interactive computer graphics.


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Houses several research groups working on the latest computer graphics technology.


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Conducts research in architectural modeling, realistic image synthesis, digital photography, and visualization.


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Contains documentation, mailing lists, a bug database, and a downloadable release.


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Conducts research that combines in-depth studies of human capabilities, needs, and practices, cutting-edge graphical display techniques, augmented spaces that merge physical and virtual elements, intelligent sensing, and novel input, output and wearab...


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Pursues research in modeling, rendering, user interfaces and high-performance architectures using scientific visualization and telecollaboration in virtual environments.


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Laboratory for multi-displinary research in human-computer interaction and computer graphics disciplines.


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