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Project to develop a battery of statistical tests to detect nonrandomness in binary sequences, to produce documentation and a software implementation of these tests, and to provide guidance in the use of these tests.


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A pseudorandom number sequence test program. Free download of C++ source code and MS-DOS executable.


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A server on the theory and practice of random number generation.


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A pseudorandom number generator package for Java. Source code free under BSD licence.


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Algorithms for good random number generators with theoretical discussion and software examples.


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Links to related conferences, papers, software, webpages, people.


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Universal Non-Uniform RANdom number generators: a GPL library of C functions to generate nonuniform random numbers, by Josef Leydold and Wolfgang Hoermann of the University of Economics, Vienna.


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A guide to the literature.


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Source code for various random number generators in C and Fortran, including the well-known RANLIB library supporting many continuous and discrete probability distributions.


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Fast RNG for the Linux kernel. A sourceforge project.


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