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Simulation and visualization environment for distributed algorithms that provides students with an experimental environment to test and visualize the behaviour of distributed algorithms.


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Demonstrate fundamental concepts in Data Structures and Algorithms.


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 3 - Backtracking Browse Website open in new window
A combinatorial puzzle is presented making visible the performance of a backtracking algorithm (requires JavaScript).


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A Java applet designed to teach binary search tree algorithms. It is unique in the way it combines programming, proof, and animation to enhance the learning experience.


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Tools (Java programs) for visualizing and interacting with theoretical computer science concepts. JAWAA is a tool for creating algorithm animations on the web.


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 6 - Leonardo Browse Website open in new window
An integrated C programming environment for reversible execution and logic-based software visualization developed at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".


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Animations of several important graph-theoretic topics and algorithms.


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Applet and web site for teaching sort algorithms. Includes animation of 11 algorithms and some in-depth studies.


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Callcenter Software


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